The internet is my subconscious

You know all those alarmist articles about data mining and our status as a collection of likes and dislikes ready to be massaged into a mindless advertising-driven monetary stream? The internet knows you better than you know yourself.

Here is a semi-random selection of 3+ years of my Twitter “favorites” clearly revealing that I think being a human being on the internet is fraught with problems and that personal branding is a joke at best. Of course this happened without me ever realizing, myself, that I felt this way. And yes, I favorited one of my own tweets.

Some Asshole, @MoorishDignity
Shit just got fake.

Michael Ian Black, @michaelianblack
Maybe I should stop being surprised when I have a good time hanging out with people.

todd levin, @toddlevin
Twitter cuts through all the b.s. that would otherwise distract us from behaving like needy, easily wounded babies.

Alain de Botton, @alaindebotton
Half the fear of failure is of the judgement of false friends we feel compelled to impress but don’t even like.

Kevin Fanning, @kfan
due to overexposure to the internet I can no longer tell where my sincerity ends and my personal brand begins

99%, @the99percent
"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." -Raymond Hull

Bob Powers, @bobpowers1
If any corporations tracking my purchases are reading this, where did it all go wrong for me? Was it the Papasan Chair?

S S, @luckmachine
Went to the store to try to buy my life some meaning.

Amy Stein, @Amy_Stein
We’ve become fixated on the process of distribution instead of the process of personal growth as artists

Andy Borowitz, @BorowitzReport
1963: Ask not what your country can do for you 2011: Please follow me and I will follow you back k thanks #USA

Women Of History, @WomenOfHistory
Fame means millions of people have the wrong idea of who you are. -Erica Jong

Neal Brennan, @nealbrennan
2001: “He’s a good dude.” 2012: “He’s really on-message about the kindness of his brand.”